Buying Pai Sho

Skud Pai Sho is based on the Wiki Pai Sho tile set and uses a standard Pai Sho board. Here are some of the best resources I’ve found for buying a Pai Sho set for yourself. Because sooner or later, you know that playing online just won’t be good enough!

Most Affordable

Aside from the free print-and-play set, the most affordable Skud Pai Sho set is available at The Game Crafter for $30 plus shipping. Many thanks to Pai Sho tile artist Hector Lowe for making this available! See the review for more pictures of it!

Purchasing a wooden Pai Sho set from the products listed below will cost over $120.

Full Pai Sho Set

Lyris Laser Studio sells a full Pai Sho set of board and tiles. Buying the board and tiles together as a set is going to be the easiest and will cost the least amount of money. See below for my review of the Lyris Laser Pai Sho set.

TomesfromtheCitadel on Etsy sells a full Pai Sho set of board and tiles. This looks like a good product and it is the best deal for a full wooden set, so it is definitely worth considering. I hope to have a better review of this soon.

Lyris Laser Studio Board

The Lyris Laser Studio Pai Sho board is very nice. Their site has good pictures of it to give you an idea of what to expect when you buy it. The board is just shy of 24″ and is 1/4″ thick. The colors are painted onto the board, so the color has a very solid look to it.

I have this board and I like it. I have mounted it on a 24″ pine round, as they suggest you can do if you would like. I wanted the board to feel nice and sturdy, so I did. If you are okay with having a thinner board or have a way to mount the board onto a pine round (which makes the board cost about $20 more), this is an option for you. But definitely consider the JasmineQuasar board listed below.

JasmineQuasar Board

You can also get a 24″ Pai Sho board from JasmineQuasar on Etsy. If you want the nicest possible board, consider this board. This board is 24″ and 1″ thick, so it will be nice and sturdy without having to mount it on a pine round yourself. The color is applied to the board with stain instead of paint, so the wood still shows through the color nicely. I really like the look of this board. The Lyris Laser Studio tiles would work well on this board. I recommend it! Update: It looks like this board may be unavailable. Hopefully it comes back soon!

Lyris Laser Studio Tiles

The Lyris Laser Studio Pai Sho tiles are the best Pai Sho tiles available if you want a set of tiles to use on a 24″ board. They offer a Skud Pai Sho set, or also a full Wiki Pai Sho set (which is pretty much good for two Skud Pai Sho sets!). Either way, it is a full two-player sets of tiles, with one set having the tile design engraved inverted so it is easy to distinguish between the tiles. These are the tiles I recommend! If you would rather have smaller tiles that are suitable for playing on an 18″ board (though still can work well on a 24″ board) then also consider the EmoryDunn tiles.

EmoryDunn Tiles

You can also get Wiki Pai Sho tiles from EmoryDunn on Etsy. These tiles are beautiful! They are smaller than the Lyris Laser Studio tiles and are more suited for use on an 18″ board, but could still be used on a standard-sized 24″ board. Also, these tiles are available in a variety of different kinds of wood, which means that each player’s set of tiles can be a totally different color instead of just having the design inverted.

Tip on Buying Tiles

Lyris Laser Studio offers a Skud Pai Sho tile set, but these sellers also sell the Wiki Pai Sho tile set, where a full two-player set is 108 tiles (54 per player). Skud Pai Sho uses roughly half that, with a full two-player set being 56 tiles (28 per player). If you play with the rule of players always using one of each Accent Tile, a Wiki Pai Sho set is good for two full Skud Pai Sho sets – awesome!