Starting Tiles

The rules and have been updated to have the Host start with the same tile as the Guest. 

Starting with Clashing tiles can lead to shorter games, but starting with the same tile can reduce the Guest’s first player advantage and also lead to more elaborate and deeper games. Both styles have their place, so I will soon reflect this as a possible variation in the rules and may add it as an option for playing online.


Rule updates 2017-01-02

The comprehensive rules have been edited for clarity and small changes have been made to the Special Flowers to be more intuitive.

I am hopeful that this will be the final revision as far as rule changes go! Thank you to everyone who has helped make Pai Sho a reality!

Fanfiction Recommendations

I highly recommend Kyoshi Rising. It is well written and is pretty high quality as far as grammar/typos go. After the first couple chapters, the story and the writing get better and better. It is not complete, but hopefully not abandoned. Still worth reading – it’s fantastic. Highly recommend:

I also recommend a story called Gambler and Vagabond. It’s an adventure that is driven by Pai Sho, and it is impressively good. It is incomplete and appears to be abandoned, but again, still worth reading. The writing is good, but slightly lower quality as far as mistakes in the text.

I am working on a story called Tethers that follows Kyoshi after the creation of Kyoshi island, but is about much deeper things. 

Rule updates 2016-11-18

The following changes have been made to the rules:

  • Knotweed: Changed to a lingering effect on the board – surrounding tiles cannot form Harmony. No longer traps tiles.
  • Boat: If played to move a Flower Tile, can move the tile to any surrounding point.
  • Planting is not allowed if it would disrupt a Harmony you own.