Visit the new Skud Pai Sho pages at: SkudPaiSho.com/site

Pai Sho is a formerly-fictional strategy board game portrayed in Avatar: The Last Airbender. Through the years, people have created real sets of rules inspired by the show to bring the game to life.

Skud Pai Sho is a Pai Sho variant based heavily on the various existing community rules, intended to be a comprehensive set of rules that make the game fun, competitive, and strategic. It can also be played online at skudpaisho.com.

If you need more Pai Sho in your life, and you do, check out the More Pai Sho page. And don’t forget to get your own Pai Sho set.

Credit Where Credit is Due

Skud Pai Sho exists because of and is inspired by the hard work gone before it. I am so thankful for the countless hours of hard work that must have been put into the existing sets of rules that are out there in places like The Pai Sho Project and Lotus Gambit. Creators of those rules, I do not know who you are, but I would love for you to see this and to hear any feedback you have.

I remember when I first came across those rules giving Pai Sho a flower arranging theme. That really struck me as true to the idea of Pai Sho as we see it in Avatar. The idea of Harmony between the tiles was a simple game mechanic that drew me in right away.

My goal is to standardize and simplify the existing rules so we have a comprehensive, fun Pai Sho variant that’s easy to learn, accessible to all, yet has the potential for deep strategy.

A huge thanks goes to Michael N. from Germany for the endless days of playtesting and feedback on rule changes for Skud Pai Sho. This game is as great as it is because of him! He is a Skud Pai Sho champion and regularly beats me at my own game.

And, of course, Avatar: The Last Airbender is an inspiration to everything here. We owe much to all involved in bringing it to us.

Content License

Some images and other source material used on skudpaisho.com may have been originally from The Pai Sho Project and Lotus Gambit. That material is under a Creative Commons license. Other material is © 2018 The Garden Gate and owned by the creators and designers of the various games here.


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